Saturday, February 28, 2009

::: Odenwald:::

Thursday, February 26, 2009

::: Wieskirche, Bavaria :::

The Wieskirche is a rococo church in Steingaden, Bavaria, Germany. It was listed as Unesco World heritage site in 1983. It is build in late 1740s by Dominikus Zimmermann, an architect who spent his last 11 years in the area. Located in the foothills of the Alps this is a place to die for.

Monday, February 23, 2009

::: Morning glow :::

A picture from my archives. The shot was taken during a travell to Allerheiligen waterfalls in Schawarzwald. That morning was promising for nice autumn weather, as you can see. Before ascending into the mountain this is what I've captured in a corn field by the road.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tiësto presents Edward Carnby - Alone In The Dark

I've saw this video after listening the same song on local radio. The anchor was explaining something during the song so I missed the main point that this song attracted my attention. After second hearing of it I was sure that those female vocals are Bulgarian.

Tiësto burns up the world’s dance floors with exclusive remixes for Atari’s ‘Alone In The Dark: Inferno’

The November launch of Eden Games' innovative action survival opus for Playstation 3 'Alone in the Dark: Inferno' will be accompanied by the worldwide release of an exclusive remix by Tiësto. The remix will be available on CD single, digital download and limited edition 12' picture disc from Streamline Records worldwide on November 18th.

Tiësto takes the powerful orchestration and haunting Bulgarian choir of Olivier Deriviere's original soundtrack to the heart of the dance floor in a driving remix which bears the unmistakable hallmarks of Tiësto's big sound. The release will be accompanied by a full-length music video featuring footage from the game.

'The original soundtrack is a great composition with a lot of ingredients which fit perfectly in the remix,' said Tiësto. 'It was the first time for me to produce a remix for a video game and therefore a great challenge, I enjoyed it a lot!'

'Alone in the Dark: Inferno' is scheduled for worldwide release on November 18th, the same day as the global release of the Tiësto remix.

Collaboration of the Dutch Dj and Bulgarian choirs is not since yesterday - full story with comments; videos and information about choirs.
The previous song used in Hollywood movie was in "300".


The author. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

::: Füssen im Allgäu :::

Фюзен, Бавария е едно от ония места, които искаш да посетиш отново и отново. Не само, че градчето с около 15 хил. жители е "врата" към Баварските, и Тиролските Алпи - оттатък границата с Австрия, ами то притежава собствен колорит, чар и уникално местоположение. Градът е разположен в полите на Алпите (1200м над морето), заобиколен от няколко езера -идеално място за спорт и отдих. Твърди се, че името на града произлиза от немската дума за крак (Fuß, der). Всъщност и емблемата на града показва именно това. В съзнанието на масовия турист Фюзен означава само едно - замъкът Нойшванщайн (Neuschwanstein) на баварския крал Лудвиг ІІ. Местните дори се шегуват, че оригиналът е в Дисниленд, Флорида, а това тук е много добро копие.
Църквата Санкт Коломан, намираща се на 30 мин. пеша от Фюзен. Или само на 5 мин. от селцето Швангау (Schwangau - буквално - лебедов регион). О, да вълнувам се и от етимология :)

Няколко мига по-късно бяха заснети допълнителни четири кадъра, от които се получи горната панорама.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

::: Autumn Colours :::